About Us

Jacques & Associates is a full-service Washington, DC-based consulting firm representing leaders in the Defense, Space & Intelligence, Homeland Security, and related Industries. Recently merged with Pinnacle Engineering & Management Services, we incorporate strategy & business development prowess with engineering services, raising the bar on effective messaging, shaping, and outreach efforts.

With more than 35 years’ experience in the acquisition, programmatic, budgeting, and Congressional processes, Jacques & Associates brings value to companies who acknowledge the need to work with Washington to accomplish their strategic goals. Understanding the Government’s complicated system and processes, Jacques & Associates knows how to insert and influence its clients’ value propositions to satisfying the Government’s needs.

Extensive experience in the Executive Branch, Industry, and Congress means that Jacques & Associates actively promotes and advocates clients’ products and services with “tooth-to-tail” representational services. While many firms specialize in Business Development, Government and Industry Relations, or Congressional Liaison—Jacques & Associates provides the full combination of these services for maximum impact.

Our merger with Pinnacle Engineering & Management Services creates an integrated company, providing our clients the unique opportunity to leverage strategy and business development expertise, as well as aerospace engineering services.

Jacques & Associates leveraged its expertise by creating FiscalTrak, the premier source for budgetary data and insight for the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and NASA. FiscalTrak provides a comprehensive resource for tracking, analyzing, and reporting on the budget, down to the program level, and is an invaluable saver of time and resources. FiscalTrak tracks the budget every step of the way from Budget Request to Congressional Appropriation.