Our Services

Jacques & Associates leverages experience and close relationships with Washington-area corporate aerospace business development and legislative professionals to provide a full-range of services to its clients:

  • Strategic Planning: Focus with Client to identify its strengths/capabilities, and match to US Government needs Plan, develop, and execute business strategy plans
  • Provide representational services in Washington DC and throughout the country
  • Enhance the client’s image as a leader in its respective market
  • Execute proactive marketing campaigns throughout the Executive Branch and Congress
  • Develop issue papers, briefings, and support letters
  • Provide strategic and tactical planning advice
  • Augment and strengthen existing client Business Development teams with focused support
  • Situational Awareness: Provide information and analysis on executive and legislative activity, including budgetary profiles, congressional markups, and news articles. Jacques & Associates keeps its clients current on what’s happening in Washington.
  • Review new ideas for expanding existing businesses. Analyze the potential to create or enter entirely new markets through the integration of different client competencies in technologies, systems, and programs.
  • Advise on the business strategy of individual market segments. Provide advice on the realism of client plans in light of the surrounding budgetary environment and the competitive marketplace.
  •  Merger and acquisition (M&A) due diligence processes support including in-depth analysis of budgetary trends, contract awards, and funding streams for targets serving the U.S. Government.

With our merger with Pinnacle Engineering & Management Services, the integrated company provides our clients the unique opportunity to leverage strategy and business development expertise, as well as aerospace engineering services, all within one combined organization.